300+ Questions Answered



  • What is a HECM Reverse Mortgage?
  • Why is there such a significant divergence of opinion on the use of reverse mortgages?

In Plain English

  • What should I do first?
  • Suppose I think I can qualify for a HECM, what should I do next?
  • Common Misperceptions
  • Why all the “Bad Press” for Reverse Mortgages?
  • A word (or two) on Income Taxes


  • How do I know I can handle the risk of a HECM?
  • How do I qualify?
  • What’s counseling?
  • What impact does a HECM have on estate inheritance?
  • How is interest charged on the HECM?
  • What is the Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) on my HECM?
  • What can I use the proceeds of a HECM for?
  • Will I lose my Social Security if I get HECM?

Strategies and Usage

  • 25 ways to use a HECM.
  • Other sophisticated ways to use a HECM
  • What are the basic tactics to consider in using a HECM mortgage?
  • Do I need to do this quickly?
  • What are the best HECM financial strategies?
  • Are there any strategies which can limit the high usage Upfront MIP charge?

The HECM Origination Process

  • Can I get a brief outline of the origination and servicing process?
  • Who am I dealing with?
  • How does everybody get paid?

Product Features and Costs

  • Will I be taxed on my HECM proceeds?
  • How much out of pocket money do I need to get a HECM?
  • What are the upfront costs of the loan or the upfront payments?
  • Are HECMs more expensive than regular mortgages or HELOCs?
  • HECMs cost more. But are they good value?

HECM Products and Disbursement Options

  • What products and options are available for you?
  • What property types are eligible?
  • What property types are not eligible?
  • What’s the difference between a HECM and a home equity loan?
  • What type of disbursement is best?

HECM for Purchase

  • Can I get a pre-approval on a HECM before I start to look for a home?
  • What are HECM for Purchase eligible property types?
  • Can I use GAP financing to buy a home with a HECM for Purchase?
  • Is there a right of rescission on a HECM for purchase?
  • Can I have had a bankruptcy and get a HECM?

Product and Pricing Options

  • How do HECM Note Interest Rates work?
  • What product and pricing options meet my circumstances?
  • What is the FHA Expected Interest Rate?
  • What’s the tradeoff between a Fixed Rate and a Variable Rate HECM?
  • What are the components of Fixed Rate Pricing and how does one chose which option?

Non-Borrowing Spouses, Divorces, Marrying or Re-marrying

  • Can a Non-Borrowing Spouse (I.e. a spouse not on the property’s title) be a party to the HECM transaction?
  • What is the FHA rule on Non-Borrowing Spouse Deferral of Due and Payable?
  • Suppose we have a HECM originated before the August 14, 2014, cutoff date, does the Non-Borrowing Spouse have any deferral of Due and Payable or protection?
  • How does the Non-Borrowing Spouse keep the deferral of Due and Payable in place?
  • What if the Non-Borrowing Spouse leaves the property to live in a nursing home?

Borrower Qualifying and Lender Underwriting

  • What types of homes are eligible for the HECM program?
  • If I am permanently disabled, can I qualify?
  • Can someone qualify even if they have an existing mortgage on their primary home?
  • Do all 62-year olds who own their home qualify?
  • What happens if there isn’t enough home equity to qualify?

Borrower Financial Assessment, Credit, Residual Income, and Documentation

  • Do I need a high credit score?
  • What is Financial Assessment?
  • How do we calculate Residual Income?
  • What can we do if we initially do not meet the monthly Residual Income requirements?
  • Can I include overtime, bonus, part-time or seasonal income?

The Appraisal Process

  • What’s different about an FHA HECM appraisal?
  • What are FHA’s Minimum Property Standards?
  • What defects will generally not require repair?
  • What problems will require repairs?
  • What if my appraisal comes in too low?

Borrower Protections and Obligations

  • If I take out a HECM, does the lender or bank own my home?
  • Do I have the right to cancel?
  • Can I ever waive my right to rescind or cancel on my HECM Refinance loan?
  • What are the limits on origination fees charged by lenders to borrowers?
  • What is the “dual compensation” prohibition?

Post Loan Closing Servicing, Defaults, and Remedies

  • What constitutes a HECM Default?
  • What happens if one of us dies?
  • What happens if the last remaining borrower dies?
  • What if one of the co-borrowers has to leave the home and go to a nursing home?

Your family

  • What is the impact of a HECM on estate inheritance?
  • Is it true that my spouse, if she is not on title or relatives must payoff the mortgage to be able to own the home?
  • Should I take my spouse off the title to obtain a larger loan?

Stuff to be Aware of, and Avoid

  • Should I be careful about other products being cross-sold to me?
  • What should I do if I am not certain, but am being pressured by a loan officer or family to take out a HECM loan?

Other FAQ

  • Who else should I talk to before I get a HECM?
  • What’s the best age to take out a HECM?
  • My home is in a living trust; do I qualify for a HECM?
  • Does the growth feature on the credit line mean that I am earning interest?
  • What is a Maximum Claim Amount vs. a Principal Limit?

Advice for Children of Seniors

  • Should my parents Get a HECM?
  • What do people use HECMs for?
  • Will a HECM increase my parents’ monthly expenses?
  • But my parents want to downsize! How can a HECM help them?
  • What help might a HECM provide for a “sandwiched parent”?

History of HECMs

  • The Secondary Market
  • What is the Secondary Market?
  • How does the Secondary Market price impact HECMs?
  • How do the HECMs get sold to investors?

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