Aging in place is a major challenge for older adults. Many seniors want to achieve a myriad of financial goals, including paying for long-term care insurance, creating a legacy through charitable giving, paying for grandchildren’s college education and funding cash flow. But money is a concern, even for many of those who have enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle throughout their adult lives.

At JM Capital Group Reverse Mortgage Division, we believe the “new” Home Equity Conversion Mortgage from the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) is a product many of our older borrowers should be looking at. We believe that reverse mortgages can provide a sound solution to a variety of the “aging-in-place” challenges. While these mortgages came under criticism during and after the financial crisis of 2008, new regulations have changed the product significantly. If used properly reverse mortgages today are a viable way for certain consumers achieve their specific retirement goals. We provide a road map to influence the sophisticated consumer on choices they may face.

Our reverse mortgage web site provides extensive information for consumers and financial intermediaries servicing clients who seek additional retirement security. We provide books, calculators, wizards, insights and the opportunity to contact us directly with any questions potential borrowers may have.

JM Capital Group Reverse Mortgage Division serves only local clients in the greater New York, Long Island and Hudson Valley region. If you are from outside the state of New York, feel free to use our resources and if you wish, you may contact us and ask for a referral to reputable lenders who may serve your area. We do not get paid for that referral. We support transparent and reputable lending in the reverse mortgage industry.

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The “Knowledge Base” has the answers to over 300+ questions you may have on the HECM product.

If you would like to know how much you potentially qualify for, and whether you possibly have adequate monthly cash flow, go to the HECM WIZARD and input your information.

If you would like to reach out and talk with me, fill out the information on Contact Me or email at st.john.bannon@JMCapGroup.com