Quick Calculator

One of the first questions a potential borrower asks is, “How much money can I borrow?” We have a basic calculator that can give you an estimate of what you might be able to borrow and not provide your private information or interest in a HECM to a salesperson.


This calculator does not indicate if you QUALIFY for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan. It simply identifies based on your estimates if you have sufficient equity in your principal residence to possibly obtain a HECM and how much that loan amount may be in excess of the mortgages you currently owe.

All borrowers on title must be aged 62 or older. If you are married but your spouse is not on title, they may be aged less than 62 and we shall consider their age for the purposes of calculating the available HECM. HECM amounts are based on your age, home value, and HUD’s principal limit factor (which is like the loan advance rate on your home value).

The Quick Calculator  makes some average assumptions about Closing Costs for loans made in state of NY for illustrative purposes only. These costs can vary widely. Please refer to Understanding Closing Costs for information on typical costs associated with reverse mortgages.

The maximum home value under FHA’s insured HECM program is $636,150. Even if your home is worth more, the maximum that the FHA principal limit factor is calculated on is $636,150.

No Sales people will bother you if you use this calculator. We do not retain or collect any of this information.


If you wish to understand if you possibly qualify for a HECM (only an FHA approved underwriter can approve you for a HECM) go to our HECM WIZARD and input your data. The WIZARD allows you to input debt, income, repayment, interest rates, home appreciation, payout and other options to help you better understand what a HECM loan can do for you.

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